QLA signs 12 month agreement with KOICA

Photo signing of agreementV2QLA is very pleased to announce that in early January 2016, a 12 month agreement was signed with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) as part of its Local Civil Society Partnership Program (LCPP).

QLA’s project aims to improve the quality of life of marginalized people (UXO survivors, people with disabilities and the most poor in UXO affected communities) in 4 villages in Nam Oun, Khoun District, by implementing initiatives to increase independence of the participants through removal of barriers to inclusion, skills development and income generation.  Importantly, capacity building of the QLA team is also part of the agreement.

QLA is very proud to be the first local not for profit association to participate in KOICA’s LCPP in Lao PDR.

Being implemented across a number of developing countries, some of the goals of the LCPP include “…contributing to the eradication of poverty and the social and economic development of the recipient country and to support the civil society of developing countries to build their capacity and develop over the long term as they are the main actors for a balanced and inclusive development in their country.”

Khop chai der KOICA!

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