Psychosocial support for UXO survivors and PWD

Home visits
Accompanied by a medical doctor and a representative from the provincial rehabilitation centre, QLA makes periodic visits to the homes of UXO survivors and PWD to re-assess their needs, offer psychosocial support, identify their challenges of daily functioning and the barriers that prevent them from participating in their community. An action plan is developed to help address their needs, remove their barriers to inclusion and improve their quality of life.  Where available, QLA makes referrals to professional services.

Get togethers for peer to peer psycho-social support
Many of QLA’s target group are excluded by their communities because of the stigma associated with their impairment or the fact that they were in a UXO accident.  QLA hosts periodic gatherings for UXO survivors, PWD and care givers to come together for peer to peer psycho-social support and social inclusion.  Significantly, these forums have allowed UXO survivors and PWD to exchange stories, form new friendships and experience directly that they are not alone.  Interest in this forum continues to grow.

QLA stakeholders meeting and social club